28 E. Edwards St has a new price!

The owner of this property is very motivated to get this house sold by the end of the year.   Yes, I know it is a little messy looking on the outside.  The tenants are in the process of moving out and it is taking some time.  However, it is now easy to show and less crowded in there with most of their things are gone.  This is a good time to buy a house so come and take a look at a cute, remodeled Bungalow in downtown Winters.   Let’s make a deal!

Amnesty in Yolo County

Well, I guess Yolo County is looking for money like  everyone else so, they have found  a creative way of raising funds.   If you have built anything in the county and did not bother to get a building permit, now is your chance.   Why on earth would you want to do that you might ask?  Because according to my favorite lender, my sister, Vicki, investors who are buying loans are getting very particular and will not buy loans where they think there has been  work done without a permit.  What if you bought a property and the previous owner did not get a permit, are you liable, yes, you are.  So if you think you might fall in this category you need so seriously look into caught up.  I will post more on this soon,  I won’t keep you hanging.  If you live within the city limits you come under the jurisdiction of that city, this is for those people who fall under the rules of the Yolo County building department. 

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TGIF, it’s Friday at Lake Berryessa

It is Friday and after a busy day taking care of a home inspection and showing rental properties we are off to relax at Lake Berryessa.  Last week we went up there after work and had a delightful evening.  So, we decided to do a repeat!  This is just one of the many advantages of living in our small community.  Living by the lake provides a quick, easy get away.  Last weekend we even saw an otter busy at work catchall pics up till 09-18-09 667ing and eating a fish.  That was fascinating as well as our usual family of deer.   Here are some pictures of the sunset last Friday.

Hot real estate market in Winters,CA

I just looked over the  list my assistant updates every week of the current listings in Winters.  She was off all last week as it was Easter vacation for her daughter ,who is a senior at Winters High School.  As she said, she was surprised at how much activity there had been.   Well, when I really had a chance to look at her list I had to cross off 8 more listings as I know they are pending.  So what does that mean?  Well, Winters has been averaging about 39 to 41 listings a week and now we are down to around 20 to 25.  When a new listing hits the MLS there is lots of activity to look at it.   Even short sales are getting multiple offers and sometimes they are selling for more than the list price.  It really pays to be working with an active real estate agent who knows the Winters market.   This is good news for sellers.  I see prices leveling out and may be on an upswing.   Give me call if you need more information.  Sandy  Vickrey 530-681-8939.



I took this picture when Iwas Christmas shopping with my daughter in San Francisco, CA  at the beginning of December.  I thought the quality was very good considering I took it with my cell phone!  It is a picture of the Macy’s window.   When I was a kid my parents used to take us to The City to see all the Christmas windows.  Gumps used to have the best.  One year they had animals from the SPCA featured in all their windows.  It was such a hit that they did it for many yeras after that.  Now that they have their new location they don’t do anything anymore.  Too bad.  Saks and Macy’s are just about the only ones who have lavish Christmas decorations.   Anyway, have a save and sane Christmas.    www.sandyvickrey.com

Hot New Listing in Winters, CA

I just listed 1030 Roosevelt Ave, Winters, CA.  This is really a good buy.  My owner is an investor and is very motivated to sell this property.  The home needs some TLC like new carpets, lino, paint and propabaly a new roof.  But, this is a nice home and I have seen it all fixed up and it is very cute.  If you are looking for a good starter home or an investment then call me to take a look.  


Chamber Mixer

Realty World-Camelot Winters, Inc hosted the monthly Chamber Mixer tonight and it was another raving success.  We had lots of raffle prizes that people donated and we had lots of chili.  There were eight different kinds of chili so lots of different ones to try.  We had a prize for the hottest, the must unusual and the people’s favorite.  How you were able to make it.


Price reduction on Great Home

I just got a call my the owner of  1125MacArthur in Winters and he wants to lower the price to $196,500.  He is very motivated and has finally admitted that  he has to lower the price of the home to be in line with the market .  Checkout this lisitng at www.1125McArthurAve.com and let me know what you think.  This home is immaculate and all ready to move in, new paint, carpet, lino and everything is very neat and clean.   This would also make a great rental if you need a good investment property.