Short sale update on 409 & 411 Russell

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Well it is probably hard to believe that I have been working on this short sale since July and we don’t have a done deal as they say!  Working with Bank of  America and this Equator system is really getting on my nerves.  One of my pet peeves is that fact that the short sale division is located in Maryland and they go home at 2pm PST!  Sooooo, you can’t talk to anyone after 2pm.  I did remind them that my sellers are both employed and it is difficult for them to call the East coast during their work day.  I suggest they move 100 of the new 500 employees they hired to the West coast.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  Anyway, I have submitted my offer for the third time (don’t ask, I could write a book about now).  I am so thankful my buyers have been willing to hang in there with me as well as the sellers.  Our target for getting this closed is by the end of the year. 

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Realty World Training

I attended a Realty World Training for new agents yesterday in Livermore.  What am I doing at a new agent training, you ask, as I have been in the business for 21 years?  Well, I have a new agent, Liz Ramirez, who is burning up the speedway, so we went together.   I have gone to several trainings where the same information was presented but I have to admit I did learn some new tricks.   I am always amazed at all the services that Realty World provides for their agents for free.   I even learned some new tricks on blogging.   Hope you all have a great weekend.

Capitol Trade Group Meeting

I attended the Capitol Trade Group monthly meeting today in Sacramento.  I love these guys.  We are a group of Realty World franchise owners who meet once a month to promote our area in real estate and brainstorm.  Today we discussed the rally we attended in Stockton last month sponsored by Realty World Corporate.  They had 4 wonderful speakers which inspired us all.  We especially liked Shannon King who shared all her ideas on the latest techno things available to make our lives easier without spending much money.  We also discussed short sales and foreclosures.  Looks like I have some home work to do.

Progress report in Winters

Well, let’s start with the knee.  We have just completed week one.  John still hurts and can’t understand why he has to do his exercises.  Told him if he  doesn’t, he won’t get his mobility back.  Bitch. 

On the real estate front, Dave and I finally sold 309 Edwards Street!  We put this puppy pending last August.   Think this is my longest career escrow!  Sure hope so.  The property was a 3/2 manufactured home.  The key word here is "manufactured".  That kind of home has its own set of lending rules.  We all learned more that we ever want to know about manufactured home on this one.  I am so happy for both the Buyer and the Sellers to finally get this done.  I want to thank them both for hanging in there on this one!  Did I mention the sales price was $114k?  Simply amazing as Huell Houser would say.

Finally, we have a new listing in the office!  Yeah!  It is a nice 4/2 single story in the new subdivision across from St. Anthony’s center.  I can hardly wait to show it.  I really like this floor plan.  List price is $274+-.  Shouldn’t last long.  

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