Still Cruisin’ in Winters

Well, it is Cruise Night again tonight in downtown Winters.  The Buckhorn has there tri tip sandwiches for sale for $5. each, such a deal.  Cheaper than at the Davis Farmers Market which will be tomorrow night!  There are lots of cars and it is a beautiful evening.  The cars are lined up on both sides of the street and down the middle of the street.  Grab your partner and come on down and enjoy the fun.   I have my little 88 560 SL convertible out there as my hubby’s insistence.    Looking forward to seeing you.

Bike races in Winters, CA

Well, this weekend is going to be very busy for downtown Winters!  First of all there will be a bike race which will close a lot of the streets from 7 to 5pm on Saturday.  The Winters Education  Foundation is sponsoring a bike race that will “race” around the downtown area.  I also heard that the Davis Bike Club is having their double centurion on Saturday, yes, they ride 200 miles in one day!  Can you believe that ?!   Count me in as a spectator only on that one.   Then on Monday the Amgen tour rides through Winters sometime  between 11:30 and 1pm.  So beware of traffic delays but enjoy the fun.  We are off to the Giants game in San Francisco.  Most all of us are going to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Should be a fun time.  Go Giants!

Cruzin’ in Winters

Tonight Main Street will be closed off from 5-7:30pm for Cruz Night.  So, bring your vintage car down and join the fun or do like my hubby and I do and check out the old cars.  John sold his o32B Ford years ago and his sons will never forgive him.    I used to call it his BS car (before Sandy).  He finally paid someone to finish the rehab as he was never going to have time to get it finished in this lifetime.  It was fun for a few years.  We took it to Cruise Night in Woodland before that became a fiasco and he entered it some car shows.  Guess those boys need to think about buying their own and making their own memories.

Winters Youth Day 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010 marks another Youth Day for the history book.  It really sounds like it is going to be fun and there is a lot of excitement in the air around town.  The Class of 1960 is celebrating their 50th Class Reunion this weekend and 51 of them are in town to celebrate.  They all have t-shirts on commemorating the event and they are marching in the parade, think they will take Sweepstakes?  Be sure to make plans and come and help us celebrate, you can go to the Asparagus Festival on Sunday.  Join in the fun and come see your friends or make new ones.  It should be great!

Blogging 102

Well, it looks like this is my 102 blog!  Never did I think I would make this day/blog.  I have to admit it has gone by so quickly and it wasn’t as hard as I though it would be.  I have actually enjoyed sharing what happens in Winters with you both real estate wise and just the fun things that happen in town.   So, I will remind you that this Saturday is Youth Day.  The fun begins with the Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast at the Community Center.  Then the Kiddie Parade kicks off the parade at 9:45am at the corner of 4th and Main.  Any kid can join in the fun, if you meet the age limits of course.  Then the Main Parade starts at 10am.  It is always a lot of fun and you never know who or what you are going to see.   After the parade the festivities continue at City Park with lots of things for everyone.  Be sure to come on down and enjoy the fun.   Looking forward to seeing you there.

It’s All Happening in Downtown Winters this weekend!

The Turkovich Winery on Railroad is having their Grand Opening this weekend.   Be sure and stop by and take a sip or two of their delicious wines and cheeses.  They are featured on the front page of the Winters Express,,  if you want to read the article.  The Syrah is one of my personal favorites.  After some wine tasting there and at Berryessa Gap you can have a “small plate” at the Putah Creek Cafe.  They have updated their menu for lent, I plan to try the crab cakes, one of my personal favorites.    Then on to The Palms and hear Roland White’s All-Star Bluegrass Band, the show starts at 8pm.  Have a great weekend, I plan to!

A Special Valentine

On Valentine’s Day my husband, John, sister Vicki and hubby Tom and son Jack and girlfriend Morgan all went for a train ride!  Jack and I had found a special Valentine’s Day Romantic Train Trip through the Niles Canyon.  We all met in Sunol, just south of Pleasanton.  The old fashioned train had one club car set up as an old fashioned bar from the 40’s, complete with music.  During our two hour ride we sampled wine and cheeses from the Livermore Valley.  They did a great job choosing both the wine and cheeses.  All the help were volunteers who had worked on restoring the train.  It was a very relaxing ride with beautiful scenery.  They will have rides every weekend in August.  Check them out and take a ride, I recommend it.

TGIF, it’s Friday at Lake Berryessa

It is Friday and after a busy day taking care of a home inspection and showing rental properties we are off to relax at Lake Berryessa.  Last week we went up there after work and had a delightful evening.  So, we decided to do a repeat!  This is just one of the many advantages of living in our small community.  Living by the lake provides a quick, easy get away.  Last weekend we even saw an otter busy at work catchall pics up till 09-18-09 667ing and eating a fish.  That was fascinating as well as our usual family of deer.   Here are some pictures of the sunset last Friday.