New Winters Listings

Several new listings and prices reductions have occurred in the past few days. There is a price reduction on 213 Creekside to $205,000 and Walnut Ln  has been reduced to $309,000. 304 E Baker St is a new listing as of last Friday s is listed at $231,900 and is eligible for Homepath financing. It is filthy dirt and smells of animal urine but will be a nice home with some new paint, a deep clean and new flooring throughout. It is my understanding that 803 Valley Oak has several offers on it but nothing has been accepted yet.  Hope this update is useful to you.

Want to reduce your mortgage payment? Here’s how.

For some time now I have been totally frustrating paying 6.5% every month on my mortgage payments.  So I finally decided to do something about it this month.  After making my July payments I decided to call my mortgage holders to see if I could get some relief.  I first called Citi Mortgage.  They determined that I had a Freddie Mac loan and yes, they could help me.  They lowered the interest from 6.5 to 4.25% a month, a savings of around $300. a month.  I then called GMAC and found out the same things a Freddic Mac loan but they could lower the interest to 3.99%!  I was over joyed.  Another savings of almost $600. a month.  I then called Bank of America.  Sorry, not a Fannie Mae nor a Freddie Mac loan so they would do NOTHING at all.  I questioned several times, “there must some program they have for people like myself ” but that went nowhere fast.  So, while I am totally frustrated with BofA, and I let them know when they sent me a survey, I am happy two of these were thrilled to work with me.  The down side is they are so overwhelmed even with these streamlined loan modifications, they are taking 60-90 days.  Bummer but worth the wait.  There are websites you can go to to see what kind of loan you have but I found them unreliable.  My suggestion is to call your lender directly to see  if you have a Freddie or Fannie loan and if so, what they can do for you.  This could mean the difference between losing or saving your home.  You do have to be current with your loan and they do check your credit.  You can be upside down on the loan to value so I really encourage you to make the call and see if your lender can help reduce your mortgage payment.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes and you get the loan papers right away!  This is know as the H.A.R.P. Program, Home Affordable Refinance Rpogram.  Good luck, let mw know what your experiences are!

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Amnesty in Yolo County

Well, I guess Yolo County is looking for money like  everyone else so, they have found  a creative way of raising funds.   If you have built anything in the county and did not bother to get a building permit, now is your chance.   Why on earth would you want to do that you might ask?  Because according to my favorite lender, my sister, Vicki, investors who are buying loans are getting very particular and will not buy loans where they think there has been  work done without a permit.  What if you bought a property and the previous owner did not get a permit, are you liable, yes, you are.  So if you think you might fall in this category you need so seriously look into caught up.  I will post more on this soon,  I won’t keep you hanging.  If you live within the city limits you come under the jurisdiction of that city, this is for those people who fall under the rules of the Yolo County building department. 

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Grand Champion, you Turkey!

My nephew, Tyler Tufts, had the Grand Champion turkey at the Yolo County Fair yesterday!  He is a member of the Winters High School FFA club.  He is the first member to ever raise turkeys and he is the first Grand Champion winner.    Needless to say, we are all very proud of him.  No, they are not wild turkeys, they are domestic, plain old white, Thanksgiving turkeys.  He could only enter one but raised 5.  If you want to buy one and support the FFA and write off your Thanksgiving dinner give me a call.  The auction is Saturday afternoon in Woodland at the Fair Grounds if you are looking for something to do.        

Sandy 530-681-8939

I'm a Video Star!

Can you believe it?  Neither can I.  However, I had a videographer come to Winters last week and we made a video of my new listing at 106 Russell Street.  I think it might be rather boring but it is a really cute house and it was a fun experience.  Mike, the man with the camera fell in love with Winters.  Think he will do a nice job for me considering what he had to work with.  When I get it, which should be soon, I will post it here.  Think I should take some acting lessons.   Anyway, the point is to get the house sold and we are working on that.

Winters Real Estate Market

Well, this is going to be a great second quarter in the Winters real estate market.  There are over 20 listings that are pending and they will close in May and June.  There is hardly anything left on the market to look at.   Even the short sales have multiple offers.  Hopefully, the banks will start releasing some of those foreclosures they took back, we could sure use some more inventory.  There are lots of people out there wanting to buy.

Taking a day off.

Our 4 someA fewfrom the clug house at Yocha De He Yesterday I took a day off from the real estate office and participated in the Winters Healthcare Foundation Annual Golf Tournament.    This is the first time we have played at Yocha-De-He Golf club at Cache Creek Casino and Resort.  They have really out done themselves here.  The view is spectacular and the facility absolutely first rate.  Very well organized and a view everywhere.  I will play this course again.   It was very hot, 95 degrees at least.  But the dinner was great and I hope it was a successful fund raiser for them.  We all had a great time.

Upbeat real estate market in Winters, CA

Well, the numbers are in for the first quarter for real estate sales in Winters.  We have been averaging around 2.5 sales a month for the past year or so but in the first quarter of this year we have had 11 closed transactions!  Five of those were in March, which means buyers were out looking for deals in January and February.  In March, we had six closings!   This is good news for everyone as real estate sales always help the economy.   Many people go out and buy things for their new homes so stores like Loew’s and Home Depot do well.   With the summer months ahead people will be working in their gardens too.  Let’s all hope this keeps up.  Currently, we have 18 pending sales.  If you have any other real estate questions don’t hesitate to call me. 

Have a good week.

Hot real estate market in Winters,CA

I just looked over the  list my assistant updates every week of the current listings in Winters.  She was off all last week as it was Easter vacation for her daughter ,who is a senior at Winters High School.  As she said, she was surprised at how much activity there had been.   Well, when I really had a chance to look at her list I had to cross off 8 more listings as I know they are pending.  So what does that mean?  Well, Winters has been averaging about 39 to 41 listings a week and now we are down to around 20 to 25.  When a new listing hits the MLS there is lots of activity to look at it.   Even short sales are getting multiple offers and sometimes they are selling for more than the list price.  It really pays to be working with an active real estate agent who knows the Winters market.   This is good news for sellers.  I see prices leveling out and may be on an upswing.   Give me call if you need more information.  Sandy  Vickrey 530-681-8939.

Cute Bungalow for rent in downtown Winters, CA

408 First Street, Winters, CA will soon be available to rent. Once people move in here they just seem to stay. I have had two long term tenants in this home. It is an adorable two bedroom one bath house located in the heart of downtown right next to the Abbey House Inn. The hardwood floors were refinished and are gorgeous. It has a large period kitchen where you can sit in the breakfast nook on Saturday morning and read the paper. Relax this summer in the backyard. Walk a short block to downtown and get a coffe at Steay Eddie’s or catch some entertainment at The Palms. You just can’t lose with this home. Call today to see it.