Earthquake Festival 2012 is today, Aug 24!

Everyone downtown is gearing up for the festivities that will happening downtown this afternoon and evening.  The official kick off time is 5pm.  Main Street is in the process of being blocked off and the vendors are setting up there boths.  Lots of people are making plans to return to Winters tonight.  It is just like an old fashioned family reunion.  While Winters had it famous earthquake in April of 1892 the Chamber of Commerce decided August was a better month to celebrate.  As you know we already celebrate Youth Day the last weekend in April.  So make plans to come on out and support the Chamber and the merchants.  Being the kids, there is lots to do for everyone.

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Want to reduce your mortgage payment? Here’s how.

For some time now I have been totally frustrating paying 6.5% every month on my mortgage payments.  So I finally decided to do something about it this month.  After making my July payments I decided to call my mortgage holders to see if I could get some relief.  I first called Citi Mortgage.  They determined that I had a Freddie Mac loan and yes, they could help me.  They lowered the interest from 6.5 to 4.25% a month, a savings of around $300. a month.  I then called GMAC and found out the same things a Freddic Mac loan but they could lower the interest to 3.99%!  I was over joyed.  Another savings of almost $600. a month.  I then called Bank of America.  Sorry, not a Fannie Mae nor a Freddie Mac loan so they would do NOTHING at all.  I questioned several times, “there must some program they have for people like myself ” but that went nowhere fast.  So, while I am totally frustrated with BofA, and I let them know when they sent me a survey, I am happy two of these were thrilled to work with me.  The down side is they are so overwhelmed even with these streamlined loan modifications, they are taking 60-90 days.  Bummer but worth the wait.  There are websites you can go to to see what kind of loan you have but I found them unreliable.  My suggestion is to call your lender directly to see  if you have a Freddie or Fannie loan and if so, what they can do for you.  This could mean the difference between losing or saving your home.  You do have to be current with your loan and they do check your credit.  You can be upside down on the loan to value so I really encourage you to make the call and see if your lender can help reduce your mortgage payment.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes and you get the loan papers right away!  This is know as the H.A.R.P. Program, Home Affordable Refinance Rpogram.  Good luck, let mw know what your experiences are!

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Certified Distressed Property Expert

Yesterday and today I am sitting in a class learning more about short sales. The goal is to be an expert in short sales by the end of the day. I have participated in a number of short sales and have knowledge about how they work. So the first day was fairly basic but today should be more interesting. I have clients how are considering doing a short sale and I wanted to gain more expertise in this area of real estate. Looking forward to being an “expert” by the end of the day.

630 Ficus is Back on the Market!

After three months in escrow on this short sale the buyers have walked!  Guess they couldn’t sell their home so decided to stay put.  Anyway, that makes this an amazing opportunity for someone.   It is hard to find a nice single story with over 1600 square feet.  The home was built in 2003 and has new granite counters in the kitchen.  Very neat and clean, call me to take a look.  We just got approval on the first so should move relativley quickly.  Let’s hope so anyway!

Winters Youth Day 2011

Well, the 75th Annual Youth Day has come and gone and the criticss seem to agree that the Winters Friends of the Library took the grand prize for best float, band and all round entry.  We all loved their hats ala Beach Blanket Babylon.  And what about that band playing “Putting on the Ritz”?!  It was a very windy day but seemed like everyone had a good time.  Hope you made it.  Check out the Winters Express this week at

28 E. Edwards St has a new price!

The owner of this property is very motivated to get this house sold by the end of the year.   Yes, I know it is a little messy looking on the outside.  The tenants are in the process of moving out and it is taking some time.  However, it is now easy to show and less crowded in there with most of their things are gone.  This is a good time to buy a house so come and take a look at a cute, remodeled Bungalow in downtown Winters.   Let’s make a deal!

Short sale update on 409 & 411 Russell

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Well it is probably hard to believe that I have been working on this short sale since July and we don’t have a done deal as they say!  Working with Bank of  America and this Equator system is really getting on my nerves.  One of my pet peeves is that fact that the short sale division is located in Maryland and they go home at 2pm PST!  Sooooo, you can’t talk to anyone after 2pm.  I did remind them that my sellers are both employed and it is difficult for them to call the East coast during their work day.  I suggest they move 100 of the new 500 employees they hired to the West coast.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  Anyway, I have submitted my offer for the third time (don’t ask, I could write a book about now).  I am so thankful my buyers have been willing to hang in there with me as well as the sellers.  Our target for getting this closed is by the end of the year. 

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Still Cruisin’ in Winters

Well, it is Cruise Night again tonight in downtown Winters.  The Buckhorn has there tri tip sandwiches for sale for $5. each, such a deal.  Cheaper than at the Davis Farmers Market which will be tomorrow night!  There are lots of cars and it is a beautiful evening.  The cars are lined up on both sides of the street and down the middle of the street.  Grab your partner and come on down and enjoy the fun.   I have my little 88 560 SL convertible out there as my hubby’s insistence.    Looking forward to seeing you.

Realty World Training

I attended a Realty World Training for new agents yesterday in Livermore.  What am I doing at a new agent training, you ask, as I have been in the business for 21 years?  Well, I have a new agent, Liz Ramirez, who is burning up the speedway, so we went together.   I have gone to several trainings where the same information was presented but I have to admit I did learn some new tricks.   I am always amazed at all the services that Realty World provides for their agents for free.   I even learned some new tricks on blogging.   Hope you all have a great weekend.