Berryessa Fire July 2014

I found it interesting to go back and look at my old post from 2009 regarding the fire up around Lake Berryessa.  I had a picture of a helicopter coming down and getting water out of the lake to throw on the fire.  That year the fire was more on the west side of the mountains.  This year the fire started on July 4th east of Monticello Dam and burned down toward Winters and north.  It covered close to 7000 acres. On the evening of the 5th I attended a wedding on the south side of Winters.  As we watched the sun set the sun was a brilliant orange/red from the smoke.  Several of my friends who live in the foothills were asked evacuate their homes during the fire which was very frightening.  .  Due to the expert work of our local firefighters and the responders not one person lost a building.  That is pretty amazing since the fire burned within 10 feet of the office at the camp ground located at the base of the dam.  We are all very thankful to them for protecting our community.

Winters Youth Day 2014

Today , April 26, 2014 is our annual Youth Day celebration downtown. Start your day with the pancake breakfast at Community Center. Then mosey on downtown Main Street and view the parade. The Kiddie Parade starts at 9:45AM and the Main Parade kicks off at 10:00 am. Afterwards, head over to City Park to eat and check out all the things for kids to do. If you are really adventurous then sign up for the Horseshoe Tournament. Down at the other end of Main Street there are lots of adult activities at Rotary park.   There will be some wine tasting and art await you. Welcome to the Winters High School class of 1964 here for that big class reunion. No matter what you do, enjoy the day!

Earthquake Festival 2012 is today, Aug 24!

Everyone downtown is gearing up for the festivities that will happening downtown this afternoon and evening.  The official kick off time is 5pm.  Main Street is in the process of being blocked off and the vendors are setting up there boths.  Lots of people are making plans to return to Winters tonight.  It is just like an old fashioned family reunion.  While Winters had it famous earthquake in April of 1892 the Chamber of Commerce decided August was a better month to celebrate.  As you know we already celebrate Youth Day the last weekend in April.  So make plans to come on out and support the Chamber and the merchants.  Being the kids, there is lots to do for everyone.

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Memorial Day Weekend

We are off to Lake Tahoe for an exciting and cold weekend!  My son, Jack is bring some friends up which is always a lively time.  Friend, Ben, is coming and bringing a friend who is flying in form PA for the weekend and Jack is bringing the new squeeze, Whitney.  Jack met Ben his /Frosh year at Penn State and they have been friends ever since.  Ben even followed Jack out to CA two yrs ago after he graduated.  Ben settled in the LA area and is working for an accounting firm and loving the life style of sunny CA.  We are looking forward to seeing him again as it has been awhile.  Should be a weekend full of lots of laughs.

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Winters High School Graduation Tonight!

The WHS Class of 2010 will be walking the stage tonight at 7 pm at Seller’s Field.  How exciting for these young people to be starting a whole new phase of their lives.  I wish them all the best and good wishes for the future.  For some they will be the first or the first generation in their family to earn a high school diploma.  I am very proud of each and every one of you.  I hope the weather holds for you too!

Bike races in Winters, CA

Well, this weekend is going to be very busy for downtown Winters!  First of all there will be a bike race which will close a lot of the streets from 7 to 5pm on Saturday.  The Winters Education  Foundation is sponsoring a bike race that will “race” around the downtown area.  I also heard that the Davis Bike Club is having their double centurion on Saturday, yes, they ride 200 miles in one day!  Can you believe that ?!   Count me in as a spectator only on that one.   Then on Monday the Amgen tour rides through Winters sometime  between 11:30 and 1pm.  So beware of traffic delays but enjoy the fun.  We are off to the Giants game in San Francisco.  Most all of us are going to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Should be a fun time.  Go Giants!

Blogging 102

Well, it looks like this is my 102 blog!  Never did I think I would make this day/blog.  I have to admit it has gone by so quickly and it wasn’t as hard as I though it would be.  I have actually enjoyed sharing what happens in Winters with you both real estate wise and just the fun things that happen in town.   So, I will remind you that this Saturday is Youth Day.  The fun begins with the Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast at the Community Center.  Then the Kiddie Parade kicks off the parade at 9:45am at the corner of 4th and Main.  Any kid can join in the fun, if you meet the age limits of course.  Then the Main Parade starts at 10am.  It is always a lot of fun and you never know who or what you are going to see.   After the parade the festivities continue at City Park with lots of things for everyone.  Be sure to come on down and enjoy the fun.   Looking forward to seeing you there.

March Madness in April, Marches on!

Well it is all over, well, at least the first half  is.  Duke beat Butler in what was an awesome game.  I was really hoping that Butlee would pull off the miracle and when by one in the last second of the game.   But, no miracle this year.  So tomorrow, we are on to the girls game.  West coast team, Standford vs east coast team, U Conn.  Should be another good game to watch.  Nothing much happening in the  real estate world so  we might as well watch the basketball game.  Have fun watching the game.

March Madness

This many meanings for some and only one for others!   I am sitting here watching the Xavier vs Kansas St. and it is a very close game.  What an exciting fame.  Personally I am waiting for the St. Mary’s game since many kids from Winters High School go there or are alumni, including my buddy Adam Mills, Class ’01.  2001 that is.  Don’t you just love upsets!?  I sure do.  I often root for the underdog and have loved these upsets.  Can you believe Kansas was out in the first round!?  Amazing.  Anything can happen.  The weekend is coming up so I know what many of you will be doing this weekend.

Olympians at Squaw Valley.

My daughter is a sophomore at Sierra Nevada College at Incline, NV.  She has been taking skiing this semester.  Yes, I am paying  for that class.  She tried snowboarding when she was younger but wasn’t impressed.  This is the first time she has tried skiing and has enjoyed it.   Anyway, she is not a fan of the Olympics and has not watched over the past two weeks.  I talked to her tonight and she said that her school is going to Squaw Valley to ski tomorrow as some Onlymic athlete has a tie to her school and she will be at Squaw tomorrow.  Oh, that would be Julie Mancuso!  She didn’t know so had to look it up, guess what?  Mom was right!  Have a great time, Devon, should be an awesome day in many ways.