San Francisco GIANTS and the World Series 2014

Well here it is game seven of the World Series and it is a do or die situation for our beloved Giants.  As I write this were are barely ahead three to two bottom of the Fourth.  It has certainly been an interesting ride this year but I guess that isn’t that unusual.  I was lucky enough to attend game three in San Francisco last Friday, it is one of those Buck List things.  It was our second loss but then we rallied back on  Saturday and Sunday, fell apart on Tues and now here we are on Wednesday.  Many have predicated that this series between two wild teams would come down to game seven.    So here is a toast to my team and a prayer for a win.  But no matter what happens, there is always “next year”.  But hopefully this will be our third World Series win in five years.  Can’t wait to see what Tiffany’s will design for their next WS ring!  GO GIANTS!