Berryessa Fire July 2014

I found it interesting to go back and look at my old post from 2009 regarding the fire up around Lake Berryessa.  I had a picture of a helicopter coming down and getting water out of the lake to throw on the fire.  That year the fire was more on the west side of the mountains.  This year the fire started on July 4th east of Monticello Dam and burned down toward Winters and north.  It covered close to 7000 acres. On the evening of the 5th I attended a wedding on the south side of Winters.  As we watched the sun set the sun was a brilliant orange/red from the smoke.  Several of my friends who live in the foothills were asked evacuate their homes during the fire which was very frightening.  .  Due to the expert work of our local firefighters and the responders not one person lost a building.  That is pretty amazing since the fire burned within 10 feet of the office at the camp ground located at the base of the dam.  We are all very thankful to them for protecting our community.