Update on 409 & 411 Russell

I can’t believe I am still writing about this transaction!  The last post was in November and yes it is still in escrow.  This month, June, marks the 12th month we have been working on it!  Unbelievable.  Bank of America got it approved back the end of March and then they sent it to HAFA.  That has been an experience.  They couldn’t find the appraisal that Bank of America had just done and OH NO they couldn’t ask Bank of America to resend it.  Sooo, it took SIX weeks to get another appraiser out here and then over 3 weeks to get the appraisal.  If I had not called them to keep them on top of this I have no idea what would have happened.  Anyway, we finally got final approval last Monday and are now waiting for loan docs for the buyer.  It should finally close at the end of the month.  Amen!