Bike races in Winters, CA

Well, this weekend is going to be very busy for downtown Winters!  First of all there will be a bike race which will close a lot of the streets from 7 to 5pm on Saturday.  The Winters Education  Foundation is sponsoring a bike race that will “race” around the downtown area.  I also heard that the Davis Bike Club is having their double centurion on Saturday, yes, they ride 200 miles in one day!  Can you believe that ?!   Count me in as a spectator only on that one.   Then on Monday the Amgen tour rides through Winters sometime  between 11:30 and 1pm.  So beware of traffic delays but enjoy the fun.  We are off to the Giants game in San Francisco.  Most all of us are going to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Should be a fun time.  Go Giants!