Good Samaritan comes to Winters.

I met a client at my office today who was so distraught when she arrived as she had been to Home Depot in Vacaville and had lost her purse.  She was just sure it was gone.  They had gone back to look for it but it was no where to be found.  As we were meeting a nice gentleman came in to the office wondering if I knew the lady who’s driver’s license he held.  I told him that I did and she was sitting in the back of the office.  She was so relieved!  He had found her purse in the shopping cart outside in the parking lot.  He had taken the time to drive to her house in Winters but when he found no one at home he decided to come to my office.  He had found my card in her wallet.  It was just Divine design that she was in my office when he arrived.  She wanted to give him some kind of reward but he wouldn’t hear of it so I asked him to please write his name and address for her so she could send him a note.  So folks, we all need to “play this one forward” as the saying goes.  I truly believe that when you do something nice for someone, it comes back to you ten fold.  Have a fantastic week and enjoy the fabulous weather.