Amnesty in Yolo County

Well, I guess Yolo County is looking for money like  everyone else so, they have found  a creative way of raising funds.   If you have built anything in the county and did not bother to get a building permit, now is your chance.   Why on earth would you want to do that you might ask?  Because according to my favorite lender, my sister, Vicki, investors who are buying loans are getting very particular and will not buy loans where they think there has been  work done without a permit.  What if you bought a property and the previous owner did not get a permit, are you liable, yes, you are.  So if you think you might fall in this category you need so seriously look into caught up.  I will post more on this soon,  I won’t keep you hanging.  If you live within the city limits you come under the jurisdiction of that city, this is for those people who fall under the rules of the Yolo County building department. 

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