Great evening at BJ’s Brewery in Vacaville, CA

My friend, Judy and I stopped at BJ’s Brewery in Vacaville on our way home form San Franciso, tonight.  I called in when we hit Fairfield to put our name on the list and was told it was a 45-60 min wait.  When we got there we found a mom and son just finishing and they told us we could have their table, but one small problem, she couldnt’ find her wallet!  They had been to the movies but they couldn’t find her wallet in the car.  They called over the manager and explained the problem, she offered to call her husband at work and give them the ATM number over the phone.  The manager said , NO PROBLEM, I will comp  your meal.  Not what the lady had expected but again the manager said, I will pay for your meal.  The funny thing was that he thought that my friend and  I were part of the party and he was ready to comp 4 meals.  Never even asked why we couldn’t pay for her.  We were all over whelmed so I told him I would put this on my Facebook page and blog.  The amazing thing was that this manager had no idea what a huge thing was doing.  While we were waiting for the manager to come this lady told me that she had been  diagosed with caner back in October and has under gone 3 cancer surgeries and is undergoing chemno and radiation.  On top of that, this women came back to the restaurant just as we were finishing to pay her bill.  She had gone all the way back to her home in Fairfield and then to the Brenden theaters in Vacaville where someone had turned in her wallet, complete with her cash.  But, still, Bj’s would not take her money. On top of this, her 14 yr old son could not have been nicer nor more supportive of her suffering all this embarassing stuff.  His name is Dillian, want to give him credit.   You just don’t see this kind of service any more so I told Bj’s I would put this story on my Facebook pageand blog as I was so touched.  Everything about this just came from the heart.  So, if you are in Vacaville, stop by BJ’s and have something to eat, they deserve our business.