From tsunami to snow in California!

Tuesday night I came home and turned on the news and found out about the tsunami in Samoa and that there was a tsunami watch for the entire coast of California!  Yes, all those images came back of the tsunami that hit Indonesia back around New Year’s a few years ago.    So, I immediately called my son, Jack, who lives in Monterey a few blocks from the ocean.  He and his buds had already been down to the beach to check out the wave action.  Had to tell him the activity wasn’t going to get much bigger until 9PM.   Then at 10:45pm that night the phone rang.  No one calls me at that hour except my daughter, Devon!  She goes to school at Sierra Nevada College at Incline, NV.  She and her friends were at school working on a paper and it had started snowing!  Can you imagine, Sept 29 and the first snow.  She was very excited.  So that is what is happening on the east and west coast of California at the end of September.  Now we are on to October, happy first of the month!