Upbeat real estate market in Winters, CA

Well, the numbers are in for the first quarter for real estate sales in Winters.  We have been averaging around 2.5 sales a month for the past year or so but in the first quarter of this year we have had 11 closed transactions!  Five of those were in March, which means buyers were out looking for deals in January and February.  In March, we had six closings!   This is good news for everyone as real estate sales always help the economy.   Many people go out and buy things for their new homes so stores like Loew’s and Home Depot do well.   With the summer months ahead people will be working in their gardens too.  Let’s all hope this keeps up.  Currently, we have 18 pending sales.  If you have any other real estate questions don’t hesitate to call me. 

Have a good week.   www.sandyvickrey.com