On a Clear Day you can see Forever!

This morning I was driving to Woodland and I could see teh  Suter Buttes, the snow packed Sierra Nevada mounains and the Vaca Mountains.  Even though the crazy winds that were predicted, never materialized it was a beautiful dasy.  It is Spring and people are looking for new homes and rentals.    Life is good so enjoy it.

My daughter, Devon, called today and her school is planning camping trip this weekend to Monterey.  It is not mandatory but she is interested ingoing so I am scrambling around finding all the camping gear in a hurry.  Never mind that she was here for a good part of last week on Spring Break and she could have done it herself.   What are parents/family for?! 

Son, Jack is in Minneapolis for training with CH Robinson at their national headquarters.  He is having a great time meeting people he has been doing business with but has never met.  He loves Minneapolis, much to his surprise, a city he has never been to before.